Mother-Of-Two Caught Having Sex In A Park

Things have gone from bad to worse for a mother of two who was caught having sex in a parl, as she has now been banned from driving.

A mum-of-two who was filmed appearing to have sex in a public park has been banned from getting behind the wheel after being caught drink driving as she fled angry parents.

Joanne Louise Smith, 40, jumped into her car after angry parents confronted her and her lover romping in Roundhay Park in Leeds on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Disgusted parents rang 999 up to half-a-dozen times as boozed-up Smith had sex with the male in a video that shocked Britain.

The video showed a writhing Smith, who looked semi-naked, on her back with her legs in the air as the male lies on top of her with his shorts round his knees and his bottom moving up and down.

A bystander filmed the apparently x-rated session until one father strode up to the couple and belted the male around the head.

This caused Smith and the male, who was described in court as her ‘partner’, to stop before running off to a car and driving away in her blue Honda Civic.

Leeds Magistrates’ Court heard that two police officers were dispatched to Roundhay Park at 2.30pm on 5 August.

Prosecutor Miss Toni McCann said there had been a report of a fight and the officers were directed to the Honda Civic, which was being driven away.

They followed it for a short distance around the park’s perimeter before it pulled into Mansion Lance at about 2.41pm.

Smith, who lives with her son, 21, and daughter, 13, was driving the car and she was invited out of the vehicle to speak to the officers.

‘She said she had drunk two cans of Guinness whilst at Roundhay Park with her partner, who was the male passenger in the car,’ Miss McCann told the court.


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