Pretty lady celebrates her grandmother’s 95th birthday with a fun-themed photoshoot

A beautiful young lady identified as Loida Guillen Strong, has gone all out to celebrate her grandmother on her 95th birthday as she took to Instagram to share pictures from a photo-shoot she arranged for her.

The creative pictures which were taken by Passion Photography, show the young lady and her grand-daughter, looking very adorable.

Loila shared the pictures on their Instagram handle and wrote:

“A granddaughter and grandmother. Fun themed photoshoot for grandmas 95th birthday! Such a fun themed photoshoot for grandmas 95th birthday!#aleagueoftheirown.”

Passion Photography who did the shoot, also shared photos and wrote:

“When you just want a photoshoot with your grandma on her 95th birthday! <3 WHY ARE THEY SO CUTE!!!ðŸ˜�.”

See more photos below:


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