The day a woman becomes president of Nigeria, the country’s problem will be solved – Afolabi

The wife of a former minister of internal affairs, Annah Afolabi, has joined those calling for more women to seek elective offices in the 2019 general elections.

According to her, Nigeria’s problems will be solved the day a woman becomes the president.

In an interview with Nigerian Tribune, she said she believes that one day, women will rule Nigeria and do so successfully.

She said:

“I believe the day a woman becomes the president of Nigeria; the country’s problem will be solved. Women are very hardworking and good managers of resources. So I want women to come out en masse to vie for elective offices from councillorship to the presidency. I want to also see a situation whereby women will troop out to support their fellow women.

“Why we have not been getting result before now is because we have not been supporting one another. I know that very soon, women will rule this nation and we will rule it successfully by the special grace of God.”

Afolabi who has been involved in politics since 1990, said she did not like the way politics is being played these days. She said there used to be trust among politicians but not anymore.

“I like politics. I have been involved in politics since 1990. I campaigned in Mapo alongside Dr Doyin Okupe and some other notable politicians. I played active role in politics when my husband was alive. I was part of the Obasanjo campaign train at Jos convention.

“However, I don’t like the way politics is being played these days. I am not happy with the kind of violence and distrust that is in politics now. Then, there was trust among politicians such that you and another politician can sit together and you can leave your food or drink and come back to eat or drink it but you can’t try that now. Moreover, I am happy with what I am doing now. It is more peaceful,” she added.

Culled From: NAIJ