Comedienne Chigul discloses she has been battling an ailment for 125 days

Comedian, Chigul, thanks God for the guft of life as she reaveals she has been battling an ailment 125 days.

The comedian wrote on IG saying;

“After 125 days (yeah! I’ve been counting down) of pain I sometimes cannot describe pain I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. I never thought there would come a time, I would be GRATEFUL for having a cannula (don’t even know if i spelt that correctly) in my arm’.

She added that, ‘I have a full month of this with changes every 4-5 days the road ahead is long but we are going to get there, the tunnel was just black but now I see shadows, yayyy! Light cometh. I AM learning so much!!.My prayer for any of you going through. something no matter what it is believe that THE END OF THAT “‘SOMETHING” IS NEAR….JUST HOLD ON A LITTLE WHILE LONGER!!!’.“