Deeone and Princess blast each other on IG, Payporte is threatened

Few days after Deeone and Ifu Ennada’s duel went viral on social media, another fight seem to have emerged and this time it’s between the comedian, Deeone and fellow housemate, Princess.

Quarrel broke out on Instagram after Deeone the comedian, cracked a joke in reply to a video advert Princess did for his upcoming comedy show where she jokingly told Deeone to come and “pay homage” to her.

The comedian in replying her, took to his Instagram page, and wrote:

“Pay homage to who?? runs geh?? or small girl with big God?.”

This infuriated Princess, who didn’t like the “runs geh” part of the joke. She swiftly slammed the comedian, calling him a ‘very ‘ mad man and further threatened to mess him up