Jose Mourinho faces sack if his team lose to Newcastle United

According to reports, Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho may be sacked if his team lose to Newcastle United in their next game.

The goalless draw against Valencia on Tuesday, made it four games without a win for United, and they got knocked out by Championship club Derby in the Carabao Cup.

Manchester United who occupies the 10th in the Premier League table, is sitting behind other top clubs such as Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham and Chelsea.

Paul Emerson Carlyle Ince, a United legend said Mourinho could be sacked if his team is beaten by Newcastle.

“If they lose on Saturday evening, particularly if it’s a bad loss, there will be a decision made on Jose Mourinho’s future very quickly,” Ince told Paddy Power.

“If they don’t get a result against Newcastle this weekend, Jose Mourinho is in real danger.

“He won’t walk, because that’s not in his character. I hate the thought of Jose being sacked.

“But, If you’re not picking up results and there’s this black cloud hanging around Old Trafford, your time as manager is running out.

Ince also claimed that some players are trying to get Mourinho sacked by not playing for him.

“It baffles me that Manchester United players are choosing when they want to put effort into playing for their club,” he added.

“Every player in the shirt should be putting in effort and showing desire, even if you don’t get the result.

“There’s no excuse for not putting in effort. These are professional footballers, on astronomical wages, playing for one of the biggest clubs ever.

“It doesn’t sit right with me that it looks like they can’t be bothered.

“When I played for the club, I saw it as an honour and although I didn’t always play well, no one could ever accuse me of not putting the work in.

“What I find disappointing is those players are happy for Mourinho to take the blame.”