Kemi Olunloyo Wears A Fake Baby Bump To Prove Linda Ikeji Reportedly Carried A False Pregnancy

Controversial journalist, Kemi Olunloyo made a post via her Instagram page wearing a moonbump, a fake silicone baby bump, saying the costume can deceive gullible friends to think a person is pregnant just as blogger Linda Ikeji allegedly did.

She wrote:

Good Morning Africa!🇳🇬 “#HappyHalloween

Don’t believe all the “evil crap” you hear about it. It’s all for fun and even rakes in $9B in 🇺🇸 alone. I love dressing in costumes! This year I’m dressed as “pregnant” Linda Ikeji wearing 3 moonbump sizes deceiving her gullible #SBNI fans. You too can wear this costume for only £290. Fool your gullible friends, in-laws calling u barren with a fake silicone baby bump. I’m wearing 5-6mos, 7-8mos & 8-9 mos in the pics. Finally in the video this morning, my 7-8 mos pregnancy moonbump is about to fall off😁😁 They are actually lightweight but has to be fastened well. I drew some spots with thick brown eye pencil and the linea nigra stomach line. I’m 54yo and my last kid will be 18yo. I HATE that line! Today I can draw it with a moonbump. We Nigerians🇳🇬 are gullible people😁#HappyHalloween👻🎃 Thanks”

See the video in her post