maheeda shares nude painting video of her goddaugter

Meet Leemisola, Channel Lee misola, an upcoming Artiste, Model and popular nudist, Maheeda’s goddaugter.

I’m sure you are not surprised because they have one thing in common.


Singer Maheeda shared nude video of the upcoming model’s Nigeria’s 58th Independence Day being painted in her natural state.

Sharing the video on Instagram, Maheeda wrote:

“My goddaughter @leemisola hmmm today I wanna show my love for you…. you looked up to me more than I imagine any body will ever do, I wish I can sit you down and tell you stories to make you chose your path wisely from the mistakes I hav done.. but even I my self never see myself as a role model…. so I will just pray the same prayer I have been praying for myself ever since I can remember for you …. May God’s mercies and Grace never leave you🙏🏾 …. follow her pls and be gentle on her 🙏🏾 … #independentdaylove happy Indipendent day my Naija family 🙏🏾 ♥️ 💕”


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