Man threatens to leave church over top member’s support for gay rights

A certain Chris Nwogu a member of the Daystar Christian Center in Lagos, has vowed to leave the church after getting to know that his church leader, Chude Jideonwo’s supports for gay rights.

In an nterview with LITV, Chude stated that he is in support of gay rights and would repeal the anti-gay law if he is elected president.

”I am very disappointed in the fact that Donald Duke went on the couch with Falz and spoke courageously about gay rights and then went on to change his mouth after. I am fully in support of gay rights. If I am president, I would overrule the antigay law”.

he said.

Reacting to Chude’s comment, Chris said Chude who is supposed to be a Christian should not be supporting gays.

He said any day Chude is allowed to come on the pulpit in the church again to teach, he would leave with his family.

”And @chudeity you supposed to be a Christian and comes to @daystarng and you are gay or supporting gay right, any other day @daystarng allows you come up to the pulpit to teach on anything that day I and family are done with daystar church, chude I’m highly dissapointed, I hope @thesamadeyemi hears and take note. #Nigeria #nigerians #nigerianchurch#daystarng”.

he wrote.

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