Nigerian police is best in Africa in rape and murder cases – Yomi Shogunle

The assistant commissioner of police, Yomi Shogunle, who got into an exchange with #EndSARS convener, Segun Awosanya, claimed that when the rate of murder and rape in Nigeria is compared to that of other countries, one will get to know that the Nigerian police is the best.

The comment came after Segun Awosanya who reacted to a video Yomi Shogunle shared, stated that the Nigerian police will not be judged based on the uniform, but based of their professionalism. Segun Awosanya had written;

The world will not rate our police based on their ceremonial uniform but their conduct and professionalism. You are law enforcers not Fashion Police. I believe as we proceed with the reforms, we will be sincere to the cause & not play to the gallery.

However reacting to the comment, Yomi Shogunle wrote;

Good ceremonial uniform is part of it. I have worked with Police from almost all of Africa & trained PO from across the continent. I BOLDLY SAY NPF IS ONE OF THE BEST. Compare murder & rape rate in with others. Point to one you think is better & I show you that you’re wrong.

When told to allow the masses do the assessment, the Assistant Commissioner of Police wrote;

Who are these “masses” ? People that would rather prefer to pray in front of a burning building instead of calling Fire Service or those that believe that someone can steal their penis via mere body contact in 2018? Imagine the challenges of policing such a population!


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