‘People don’t go to political rallies to support any party or anyone, they go because they are hungry’ – Nigerian man writes

Mark Essien, a Nigerian software developer, has just shared an interesting perspective on politics and the kind of crowd tht attend political rallies.

According to him,

‘In most political rallies in Akwa Ibom, 90% of the faces you see at APC rally were also at PDP rally. Those people do not go there to support any party or anyone. They go there because they are hungry, and they hope that someone is sharing money’.

Essien continued to say,

‘that’s why education is never a priority for politicians. They don’t want the people to understand things. Economy is not a priority. If people build rice factories, they will not change their vote for a bag of rice. Poverty is a weapon and it’s aimed at the people’.

See the rest of his tweets below:

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