Reno Omokri Picks Holes In President Buhari’s Independence Day Speech

Nigeria celebrated her 58years anniversary of Independence from Britain and the President gave a list of achievements in his administration.

Reno Omokri debunked each statement President Buhari made.
Read what he has to say about Buhari’s Independence Day Speech;

How can you say “we are on the right path”? We have just been named the world headquarters for extreme poverty and you think that is the right path? Did you come to put us on the path to poverty? You can’t even articulate a plan to get us out of poverty.

As usual, President Buhari’s Independence Day broadcast was full of lies. I will now expose each lie with facts and figures to back up my expositions. I feel sorry for those who say Buhari has ‘integrity’. Does a man of integrity tell so many lies?

“There has been a steady improvement in the security situation in the North East” A lie. The situation in the NE has deteriorated seriously. Almost a hundred soldiers have died in 2018. Boko Haram has attacked and overran barracks twice this year

“We are diversifying away from reliance on oil to increased manufacturing capacity” Lie. Manufacturing capacity has reduced 28% from 2015 levels.Google it. We are dependent on foreign loans. Buhari has borrowed more than any other in our history

“Efforts are on course in the Niger Delta to clean up polluted lands” Another BIG LIE. 2 years after Prof Osinbajo flagged off Ogoni Cleanup, not a drop of oil has been cleaned. Instead, a maritime university meant for the Niger Delta was scrapped

“Conflict between herders and farmers is being addressed decisively.” Lie. On June 26, Buhari himself said “There is nothing I can do to help the situation except to pray”, when he visited Plateau after herdsmen killed hundreds of Nigerians there.

“We are making progress in the fight against corruption” Lie. According to Transparency International, Nigeria is more corrupt today than 2015 and made her worst ever performance on TI’s CPI, moving 12 steps backward from 136 to 148

“There is now an enabling environment for local and foreign investment in Nigeria.” Lie. There is a capital flight out of Nigeria. Nigeria is not in this year’s top 10 highest recipients of FDI in Africa. In 2013-14 we were number One. Google it

“We are gradually strengthening the economy with a stable Naira” Lie: S & P rated Naira the worst performing currency in Africa in 2016 and one of the worst in the world in 2017. Naira is classified as a volatile and is not accepted in Europe and SA

“Our youths have been at the vanguard of the struggle” Lie. President Buhari told the Commonwealth of Nations on April 18, 2018 in London that ‘Nigerian youth are lazy, uneducated’. It was caught on video. His words then belie his words today

“I have committed myself to ensure elections are free and fair” Lie. Vote buying increased under Buhari. Police routinely declare opposition candidates wanted days to elections and the APC chairman inadvertently admitted to rigging Osun election

“At the international level, we remain a responsible and respected member of the international community” Lie. Our President is NOT respected. President Donald Trump called him “lifeless”. He is considered a joke in the international community.

“As President, I‘ll continue to work tirelessly to promote, protect and preserve what really matters: unity” Lie. Nigeria is more divided than at any time because Buhari continues to appoint mostly Northern Muslim Fulanis into sensitive positions.

Conclusion: I deal in facts. Buhari is a liar. To say he has integrity is an insult.