Ben Bruce reacts to FG’s plan to sell off national assets to pay salaries

People’s Democratic Party(PDP) Lawmaker, Ben Murray Bruce, has reacted to recent claims that the President Muhammadu Buhari led administration plans to sell national assets.

The senator said it was a wrong move because of the motive. According to the Bayelsa state senator, the Nigerian government when Atiku Abubakar was vice President privatised national assets  to make public companies more profitable unlike in the present government where they plan to sell them to fund budget.

Speaking via his twitter handle on Thursday morning, the senator likened the case of the President government to that of the proverbial prodigal son, who sold off his inheritance for enjoyment.

Senator Bruce said it would be a shortsighted move by the Buhari  led government to sell national assets to pay salaries. He went on to ask  what government will sell next, after national assets.

In his words:

There is a difference between privatisation and selling of assets to fund budget. The purpose of Atiku’s privatisation was not to raise money to fund the budget. It was to make public companies more profitable. Muhammadu Buhari is selling assets just to spend the money. Big difference!

Selling off public assets to spend on a salary paying budget is so short sighted! What happens next year? Will government sell Nigerians? This is the behaviour of a prodigal child who rather than add to the property inherited from his father, he sells it off to enjoy his life.

If a government needs money, they should be more creative than selling off assets that other governments before them built. Funny enough, this same government has been accusing those other governments of not building anything. Now, they want to sell the ‘nothing’ that they built?

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