Fact Checker: Is Boko Haram ‘technically defeated’?

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Although, the federal government has insisted for a long time now, that the deadly Boko Haram insurgency has been ‘technically defeated’, there are many reasons to doubt this. Many reports in time past, have given Nigerians reasons to question the extent of the technicality of the defeat of the dreaded group, and the latest being a video which emerged online recently.

In the video, believed to have been released by ISWAP, a faction of the Boko Haram, many men of the Nigerian army were seen to be rounded up and over-powered by members of Boko Haram fighters. The traumatizing video shows these Boko haram fighters, covering their faces with black hood, holding very sophisticated ammunitions, firing shots at Nigerian soldiers and killing them in their numbers.

It is seen also in the five minutes and 32 seconds video, where those insurgents go close to the fallen heroes to ascertain if they were truly dead, then fire more lethal shots to complete the deed, then cart away the fallen soldier’s rifle, also searching their pockets to find anything of worth.

The video has since sparked a hot discussion on social media, as many Nigerians are calling on the present government to do all in its power, to protect the soldiers, and end insurgency in the Northeast. While some have asked the questions, that have been begging for answers for quite a long time.

What does Boko Haram want? Who funds them? Who suppliers their ammunition? Why is the ‘technically defeated Boko Haram’, still killing our soldiers?

Although Ahmad Salkida,  a journalist, who is very close to the Boko Haram sect has said the video, currently making waves is an old one from September – It doesn’t take away the fact that this group is far from being defeated.


However, Nigerians are certain that the war against insurgency is far from over and are calling on the government of the day to do the needful.

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