Fans Laud Anthony Martial For Inspiring Manchester United’s Come Back Against Juventus

Manchester United winger, Anthony Martial,  inspired the Red Devils to a 2-1 win over Serie A champions,  Juventus, during their UEFA Champions league clash at the Allianz stadium yesterday in Italy.

The Red Devils showed Juventus plenty of respect during the first half and resorted to defensive approach. It was only their exiting winger, Martial, that was really troubling the Serie A champions back line with his mazy runs.

Juventus broke the dreadlock in the 69th minute and the Reds devil abandoned their defensive approach to the game by pouring out forward enmass. It was the French winger that won the free kick that was subsequently converted by Juan Matt after engaging in one of his marauding runs again.

The eventually got the match winner at the death after pressurising the Turing side’s back line into an own goal.

As a result of his impressive display during the match,  their fans have been on social media reacting.

What fans are saying:

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