Fans react after seeing Curvy Princess Shyngle and Sarkodie together in Dubai

Actress, Princess Shyngle and Sarkodie are seen together in Dubai, fans react.

Seeing how close they were in the photo, some fans of Sarkodie have registered their displeasure with him for taking such a photo with Princess, and have cautioned him to be careful of her.

For instance, an Instagram user, Decker, said Tracy, Sarkodie’s wife must warn her husband if she does not want what happened to Michael Essien to happen to him.

@tracysarkcess warn your husband oooo this hips yooo ask @essein.”

Abena directly told Sarkodie to say no to Princess Shyngle, who is also been nicknamed ‘Tapoli’ on social media. abyna_tanoe:

“@abyna_tanoe sarkodie please say no to tapoli wai.”


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