I don’t mind if my partner cheats, as long as he loves me – Simisola Sowole

Nigerian writer and entrepreneur, Simisola Sowole, aka Burnt Dodo, has declared that she in no way doesn’t mind if her partner cheats on her, as long as there’s still love and respect in the relationship.

Taking to her page on Twitter, she revealed that as long as her partner is not going to keep it secret, then she has no problem with him cheating. She wrote;

Simisola Sowole

This might sound crazy but over the years, I’ve realized that I don’t really mind if a guy cheats as long as he still loves, respects and performs his duty as a partner. It is something I’m going to discuss with my husband in future. I don’t like secrets. Unpopular opinion.

This is not even about self esteem. Far from it. And yes, someone can love you and still have sexual inter course with another person. And I still need his attention. That is the most important. We still have to retain the attention we give one another. My opinion please.