I was never single, I had a permanent olori in the palace – Ooni of Ife speaks about having a spiritual partner


Oba Enitan Adeyeye Ogunwusi, Ojaja II, but popularly known as the Ooni of Ife, is no doubt enjoying marital bliss. It could be recalled that he officially welcomed his new queen, Olori Naomi Oluwaseyi Ogunwusi, into the palace on Thursday, October 18.

The highly revered Nigerian monarch, the Ooni of Ife has opened up about his life in a new interview he granted.

In a recent interview with Kore Ogidan, the Ooni of Ife revealed that he was never single. According to him, he explained that he has a permanent spiritual olori in the palace and just recently married a physical one and fortunately, she is a prophetess and an evangelist.

Ooni of Ife disclosed that her name is Yeyemolu, adding that she is the first olori and she has a spiritual role to play in the palace.

When asked about why he got married two days after his birthday, Oba Ogunwusi said:

“I don’t know why the whole world made a big deal about it. To the glory of God, marriage is one of the things that one should do. Honestly though, I was never really single. I have a permanent Olori in the palace spiritually but I just joined my new one physically. The permanent Olori in the palace is the Yeyemolu, who is the first Olori in the palace and she has a spiritual role to play in here. As a matter of fact, the Ooni can never be single because he permanently has a wife in the palace. Even if there is no woman in the palace, she, the Yeyemolu, is there always. Many people probably just thought I was single all the while. What I am going to say about my new wife is that to the glory of God, she is a good lady.”

He was also asked about his childhood experience and if he knew he would ever become a king. Ooni of Ife said that his parents knew he was going to be a king so he was pampered and at the same time, well disciplined. He said:

“Of course! But they were advised never to touch or hit my head, even as a kid. But, everywhere else was beatable. I became very conscious of my head growing up. I used to win a lot of prizes as a kid and that always made my parents proud. Another memory was getting into Loyola College, Ibadan, and there is a story to that. I always came first in class in primary school. One day, I came third, losing to a boy and a girl who both came first. There was no second position and I came third. My parents were very disappointed and I promised them that I would finish well. When I went in to sit my common entrance examination, I came first in my entire primary school and with the tough competition there, I was able to enter Loyola College. I got in on merit. That made my parents proud and I was able to prove to them that I was still in control of the situation. When I got into secondary school at about age 11, there was a classmate of mine who beat me up one day by the classroom and gave me a very deep scar on my hand. The scar is on my left hand and it almost rendered that hand useless, especially for me being left-handed. Every time I see that scar, I remember the experience.”

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