Identical Twin Sisters Who Had 14 Surgeries And Spent N89m In Two Weeks Show Off Their New Looks (Photos)

Anna and Lucy DeCinque

Identical twin sisters Anna and Lucy DeCinque have splashed out nearly $250,000 on plastic surgery to make themselves look more alike.

The 33-year-old sisters, from Perth, have a long history of cosmetic procedures, including lip fillers, breast implants, facial tattooing, skin needling, laser treatments, and even hair extensions. 

But the ‘world’s most identical twins’ – who share the same boyfriend – decided to have their surgery reversed after they were subjected to vile trolling on social media about their appearances.

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Speaking to New Idea, the siblings admitted they regret undergoing the extensive makeovers – as they debut their new ‘natural’ looks.

‘We honestly don’t know why we did all of that stuff to ourselves… We regret a lot of things and if we could go back in time, we would do things a lot differently,’ Anna said.

The sisters – who once had 14 beauty procedures in two weeks – decided to have their eyebrow and lip tattoo removed and let their fillers dissolved after realising they’d overdone the procedures.

The pair revealed how they were bullied relentlessly online for their ‘plastic’ look.

‘The more popular we got, the more haters we had and we were getting called everything from “plastic Barbie dolls”, to “fish lips”.’

The siblings said they initially wanted the ‘biggest’ of everything, including their lips. 

‘They stood out too much and were disproportionate to the rest of our faces. We were trying to follow a trend but we went too far,’ they said.

During their extensive makeovers, the sisters even plucked off all their eyebrows so they could get a thin line tattooed – a spontaneous decision they now regret.

The duo have also stopped getting hair and eyelash extensions – and they have vowed to never undergo facial injections again.

Their magazine interview comes more than a year after they revealed their plans to fall pregnant at the same time with their mutual boyfriend.

Besides looking alike, the sisters also share everything together, including their bed and even their boyfriend of eight years electrical mechanic Ben Byrne.

‘We would like to have babies with Ben,’ they said previously in a video.

But before going into details, the siblings questioned whether it was possible for them to fall pregnant at the same time.

‘[We’re] not sure if that’s possible… It’s a bit of a dilemma, isn’t it?’ they said.

‘Oh my God, just imagine if you got pregnant… and I didn’t get pregnant. But imagine if we did get pregnant at the same time.

‘At the end of the day, that’s not really a call we can make. And that’s when nature comes in I think. You can’t control these things.

‘But it would be amazing if we got pregnant at the same time. Even if my kid was born in the same week as yours.’

Clearly confused, the pair were quick to point out how their children would be related since they would be sharing the same father.

People would be saying “would they be cousins?”‘ they said in the video.

‘Would they look the same? They would be related hey? I don’t know…  Man this is just fascinating… I find this fascinating.’

The pair said they have also looked at other options to conceive their babies in case their plans don’t follow through, including surrogacy, IVF and adoption.

‘If we both can’t get pregnant at the same time, maybe that’s the road we’ve got to go down?’ they said.

The sisters then explained why they want to experience pregnancy together.

‘We want to experience pregnancy together. We want our bodies to look the same because we’re so close, we always want to be together and do the same,’ they said.

‘That’s why we share a boyfriend and so we want to experience pregnancy together, it’s such a beautiful thing for any mother to go through.

‘We’re going to make that happen. If it happens, it happens so we will see. Time will tell.’

The pair also hit back at critics who slammed them for their controversial decision to fall pregnant at the same time with their shared boyfriend.

‘We know there’s a lot of people out there thinking “what the f***” but at the end of the day, it’s our bodies, it’s our life,’ they said.

‘You’ve just got to respect our choices. We want to have babies with the same man and we want to get married with the same man.

‘That’s the way we want to live our life. We’re so happy that we found a guy that we love and he just cherishes us and loves us for who we are.

‘This relationship is beautiful. Ben has spoken to us about kids and he’s so good with kids. We think he’ll be an amazing father.’

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