Lady narrates her encounter with a nice Uber driver and all the sacrifices he made for her

Founder of The Isolycia Foundation, Sally Suleiman, narrated an interesting encounter she had a with a nice Uber driver.

Sally’s story stands out because most stories about Nigerian drivers shared on social media are usually unfavourable.

But her experience with this Uber driver was so good that she gave him a 4.5 star rating. She also offered him a tip which he refused.

She was so touched by his actions that she concluded that there are “nice Uber drivers”

See her post below,

“I picked an @Uber today and after he dropped me, He brought back my WiFi that I forgot in his car in 10mins. 2hrs later I noticed I forgot my house key, I reached out and he promised to bring it in 1hr. He came all the way from Dutse, I tipped him and he turned it down.

“I have met nice Uber drivers but this one tops them all. He kept on apologizing and it wasn’t even his fault. I am so touched by how someone could be this nice in a world we live in today If you need an Uber some time, here is his number +234 905 999 9743”