Nigerian gay activist, Bisi Alimi to sue Walter Ude, founder of Nigerian gay site over gay p0rn allegation

Nigerian gay activist, Bisi Alimi who alleged that founder of Nigerian gay site, Walter Ude used his platform to spread false allegation against him, has disclosed that they will be seeing in court soon.

According to Bisi Alimi, he resorted to a lawsuit after Walter Ude whose platform was used to accuse him of being a paedophile, running a porn making club that involves children, pimping young boys to gay older men and embezzling funds meant for work for the Bisi Alimi foundation, refused to pull them down even after being contacted by his lawyers.

According to Bisi Alimi, Kito Dairies, a gay news platform based in Lagos, Nigeria, which was supposed to be a platform for free LGBTQ interactions, has been hijacked and turned into a platform to malign other gay men.

He wrote;

Why I am suing Kito Dairies.
I am making this post on the advice of lawyer and because many of you have approached me and asked why I am suing Kito Dairies.

For those not in the know, KD as it is called is a gay news platform based in Lagos Nigeria.

In sept after my post about “my activism being personal”, someone with the name “Pink Panther” wrote a piece about that article.

That is not my beef, I strongly believe that people have a right to their views and those views should and must be challenged, that is what freedom of speech is about.

However, a lot of accusations were said about my person, both in the post and the comment section.

These include abuses, name calling and all sort.

One that stood was an accusation that I am paedophile and that I run a porn making club that involves children.

Now, we can look at this at face value and say, get over it, but, after digging on KD, I realised this was not the first time such.

Kito Dairies has become a platform where gay men made damaging accusations about other gay men, and no one, not even the owner and manger of the platform has taken time to ask them to either show evidence or he will delete their post. Many of these accusations against me date back to Nov 2017. Yes, a year ago and the accusations are still up on the website.

There are also others accusing me and my husband of feeding off the foundation. I was accused of embezzling funds meant for work for the foundation among many other things.

I work damn fucking hard for my name and to get to where I am today and believe me, it has not been easy.

After this incident, I reached out to friends and sought legal advice. I employed a lawyer that caused me a fortune and I never wanted to sue.

I want to make certain, that going to court was never my intention. However, my lawyer wrote to Walter, the person that owns, runs and manages KD, asking him to;

1- Write a rebuttal on the post and call out the said comments.
2- Take down the comment with immediate effect
3- Pay back my legal fee
4- Pay damages.

He was given 7 days to do this. 7 days passed and he refused to acknowledge the letter (though he went around telling people I am suing him).

Its been over 3 weeks, the post is still on, the comment is still there and Walter has refused to abide by what my lawyer said.

I know this will come across as Bisi Alimi suing the gay community. I know this will come with a lot of backlash, not just for me but for many people.

Kito Dairies was supposed to be a platform that promotes news and information for the enjoyment of the LGBT community in Nigeria but it has become all of a sudden, an hateful, rumour generating and propaganda machine for people that owns it.

A reputable news platform has turned to fake news just because the owner and people with interest have personal beef with someone.

Walter in refusing to delete the post and the comments and with the fact that there is no disclaimer on the website, has single handedly endorsed comments on his platform that are not true.

His refusal to take down the post is another act of libel and violence.

We can have a disagreement. We can have different views, but to attack someone’s personal integrity based on lies is nothing but malicious and I won’t stop until justice is done and I have no idea what justice is or how it will look but it will be through the legal process.

I have a name to protect and I will do everything within my power, to my last breath to protect that name.

To those asking what really is the issue with Kito Dairies and Walter Ude. I initially didn’t want to share the comments and I don’t want to give it life, but I think it is important to situate my anger with evidence. Here are two of the false accusations against my person on Kito Dairies that Walter Ude has refused to take down.

One was from Nov last year and the other from dept this year.


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