Nigerian lady cries out over boring sex with husband

Relationship expert, Joro Olumofin shared this screenshot of an email from one of his anonymous female readers who complained over her boring sex life.

According to the lady who got married a virgin, her husband loves missionary style alot but she wants to explore different sex position.

I got married as a virgin… I’ve always dream of having an interensting sex life after marriage but reverse is the case. My husband loves missionary a lot but I want to explore. Anytime I bring it up He will start asking if I’m seeing someone else.

The last time I tried to give him blow job, He flared up and started questioning me who taught me there is no how a virgin will know so much about sex.. Pls I don’t know what to do again it’s becoming frustrating.. I don’t look forward to sex anymore because it’s very boring, she wrote.



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