Nigerian lady who waited for many years before welcoming her daughter, shares her tear-jerking testimony


A Nigerain lady took to her twitter handle to share the powerful story of how she waited for years before she got pregnant with her daughter, her tumultous pregnancy journey and the miraculous birth of her baby.

She wrote,

“It’s exactly one year today I found out i was pregnant with Reina and I’m going to tell you guys a little story about that day. See, Hubby and I have been having issues with conception coupled with miscarriages(got pregnant the first few months we decided to try and i lost all Babies,

“2years Later NO conception) and all. We decided to see a Doctor the first year and some tests were carried out including “SCAN” (like what has scan got to do with someone trying to conceive) he assured us that there’s nothing wrong and all. We went home and kept on trying to NO avail.

“Earlier 2017 we decided to call our family doctor(relocated)and we told him we have been to the hospital and they assured us nothing was wrong. He asked to know if we saw a GYNAECOLOGIST and we said no, he became furious and asked why the doctor didn’t refer us to one

“Anyway, of all the tests they did, the one that was excruciating was that wicked HSG. Chai! ALL these equipments went straight to my tubes. And yes it’s almost the same pain with Labour pains. (you are welcome) (Google meaning of HSG,i no get strength to explain) “After the tests, Dr told us everything was fine except high prolactin so he prescribed one tiny drug for me. After taking the drugs(February 2017) the lactating stopped and We tried for 8months no pregnancy. By then the pressure became unbearable. “We decided to go for IVF met the Dr and he gave us the estimated bill, we signed and decided to start the Journey by January 2018 so that all that hormones injections won’t spoil my Xmas functions. October 2018 I visited an orphanage with my sis and immediately the owner saw me she started speaking in tongues.
“She was like “the lord just revealed to me that you are looking for the fruit of the womb and he said I should tell you a woman from the Village tied your womb, the woman killed a fowl and said i will Never have a child”
“I told her “but i already have a baby na” she said yes that was a mistake because when you got pregnant was before your wedding if not the woman would have killed the baby in my womb” haaa! Come see fear. I started crying and asked her what to do and she said
“Bring your husband and while coming come with a BIG offering to the lord, if possible a CAR. I called chairman with that fear and he told me to start coming home IMMEDIATELY that the woman is a fraud. I told him she said a lot of private things naa chairman just hissed and hung up On me. “I wasn’t satisfied so i told my Mentor and bellow was our conversation. I was soo scared but i took that fear to God and turned the fear to FAITH.“11th November we decided to celebrate Alondra’s birthday at the Orphanage.. and after that chairman, his friends and I decided to go out for drinks, i drank away my tears cos my period started on the 1st and just like every other TTC woman, my heart was filled with disappointment