Nigerian man catches his white lover in bed with his colleague in Germany, Internet users react

A Nigerian man was left shell shocked after catching his White partner with his fellow countryman in their apartment in Germany.

The unidentified Nigerian man apparently walked in on his German lover and another man (said to be a Nigerian whom he knows) in bed and went berserk.

The man who filmed the incident can be heard shouting at his lover in the video why she brought the man to the house because he went to work.

The German woman replied that the house belongs to her and she can do whatever she wants.

The Nigerian man also accused his German lover of telling the other man’s girlfriend to abort her baby so they can continue having s*x.

While the drama was going on in the bedroom, the other man just laid quietly on the bed and was watching even as the angry man labelled him a dirty guy.

The German lady later sent her angry lover away and told him to get out of her house.

See how internet users reacted:


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