Nursing mother runs to Lagos State government for help over constant domestic violence from husband

A nursing mother in Lagos is seeking help on how to handle her husband who has over the years subjected her to serious domestic violence.

According to Twitter user, Monye Morris who shared the story online, the distressed mum visited the Office of the Public Defender in Lagos to seek help.

Photos shared online shows the woman with injuries inflicted on her by her husband in yet another attack from him.

When LIB contacted the woman, she said her husband is very insecure and that he doesn’t want her to work.

Read what she told LIB below:

”Myself and my husband have been married for 5 years. His anger is that I work and I do not tender my salary to him. He stopped me from working in Shoprite and then when I started selling fruits in front of our home, he started fighting me, saying I do not surrender the profit from my sales to him. He goes to his mother and report me to her, saying I do not give him the money I make. He beats me up whenever I report him to people. He beat me even when I was pregnant with our last child. I even fainted once when he beat me while I was pregnant. He has sex with me even when I am healing after the c-section I had after my last pregnancy. Even when I sneak out to go out to wash clothes for people so I can generate money to take care of my children, he would beat me up and assault me in front of the children. He has stopped giving me the N500 he gives me daily to take care of his children. He hates my family, particularly my mother because she is not in support of our marriage.

I had to go to the office of the public defender today because I couldn’t take it anymore. What triggered this recent attack was when I found out he was planning on flying out of Nigeria and abandoning the children with me. He told me early this month that we would be going to the village. I thought the traveling was for us to spend the Christmas in the village,Little did I know that his plan was to drop us in the village and then come back to Lagos where he would fly out, leaving me without a penny and three children to cater for.

When I found out he was planning to go renew his passport, I asked him what he was about to do. Immediately he got angry and started beating me. He pulled my hair while he was beating me. I was in so much pains that my baby even started to cry. He even used a chain on me” she said

The Lady says anyone who wants to help her should please reach her neighbor on 08027803088, as her husband destroyed her phone during one of his many attacks.

See photos of her battered body below:

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