Shock As Little Boy Suffers Bizarre Adverse Drug Reaction On Skin After Taking Malaria Drug In Abuja (Photos)

A Facebook user identified as Promise Amahah, has taken to the social networking platform to share some bizarre photos and the shocking story of how a little boy is battling for his life with an adverse drug reaction after taking malaria drug in Abuja.

Here’s how Promise narrated the story in full;


“This how sad and mad I am this morning! I have to post this now! The innocent boy going through this affliction happens to be the son of one of the most dependable guys working with me. 

“He’s a very smart boy and I’m fond of him. Now he had malaria fever (only) and his parents went to a nearby pharmacy to buy anti malaria drugs which they gave him and unknown to them, it was a fake anti malaria drug. Instantly, the boy reacts after taking the drugs and the picture your seeing is the outcome. 

“I couldn’t sleep last night! He’s been admitted at the federal medical hospital Abuja as we speak and struggling to survive. I’m supporting them in every way I can to make sure the boy survives. My point is that the challenge in this country is beyond governance. 

“Greed is at the root of it all! And it beats me hollow how our values have been deeply degraded. All we care about is making money at all cost and expense. I’m on my way back to the hospital with so much fury typing this message. 

“This time I’ll ensure the pharmacy shop is sealed and the operators brought to book. But then, that’s not the solution. It’s a temporary measure because the fake drugs cartel won’t lose sleep cos one vendor is shutdown. It’s either GREED gives way or Nigeria gives way! The choice is ours!! #fakedrugs #greed #nigeria #malaria #sad #africa #health #pharmacy #medicine #child #pain.”

In another post, Promise made an update on the boy’s development, he wrote:

“To God be the glory and thank you all for your genuine concern, prayers and well wishes. Favour is rapidly recovering and recuperating as you can see. God is faithful beyond measure. I’ve also offered to see him through school after his full recovery by God’s grace. In service there’s true freedom. Never felt so good being useful in such a situation. 

“For all the erudite scholars and research fellows arguing and disputing what went wrong, I think the most paramount thing is that the little boys life has been spared by God, Period! The conversation can however continue without casting aspersions in order to mitigate and eliminate the root causes of such a circumstance. 

“The parents and the pharmacy shop involved have reached a compromise on mutually beneficial terms and henceforth it’s agreed among them to settle internally. I’m therefore respecting their wishes in the circumstance and taking a bow. 

“Obviously, the pharmacy considered the irreparable damages they would incur if I took it further. I however respect the wishes of affected parties and rest my case. This is also not an isolated issue as its prevalent according to available records. We only try to mitigate as well meaning Nigerians as much as we could. 

“These issues are life threatening too as Dora Akunyili’s saga exemplified. May God’s ultimate will be done! Thank you once again for the amazing show of love and concern.”

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