‘Straight people disgust me’ – 19-year-old Pansexual Nigerian woman calls out straight and homophobic people

A Twitter user identified as @cynnerr, has taken to the platform to call out straight and homophobic people for criminalizing gays.

The 19-year-old atheist posted a series of tweets directed at straight and homophobic people while defending the LGBTQ.

See her tweets below;

Notice how when men are talking about gay people they always only address gay men having sex. Which is funny because not all gay men have anal sex and a large percentage of straight men have had anal sex with their girlfriends, basically it’s toxic masculinity and misogyny

Dear Nigerians, criminalizing homosexuality isn’t going to make them cease to exist, your father is gay, your mother, your sister, your father, your best friend, your uncle, your aunt, your neighbor… They’re everywhere. But stay being delusional. Nigerian men and homophobic women deserve each other tbh

Nigerians will forgive a practising pedophile before they accept a gay person and this shows just how pathetic they really are on the inside. Disgusting people with fake morals. How do homophobic people sleep at night??? Oh they don’t, they stay up thinking about gay sex and two men kissing.

Straight people disgust me.


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