“The payment has been due and owed since 2016” – Kogi Government shut down telecom facilities

Kogi state government recently shut down some telecom services in the state mainly due to their inability to adhere to the law which was duly passed by the Kogi state House of Assembly. Barrister Jamil Isah Abdullah, Director of Legal and Enforcement, Kogi State Internal Revenue Service (KGIRS), disclosed this in Lokoja on Wednesday.


He added that some telecom companies have refused to honor the invitation by KGIRS. “The major telecoms affected now are MTN and Airtel. The sites have been shut for Airtel are just 5 while MTN is 4. So the 150 mentioned on the online news is incorrect


“The demanded levies, rents and fees are also not illegal. In the case of Airtel, they have not paid for their Right of Way permit fees which allows them to lay fiber optic cable in Kogi state. This payment has been due and owed since 2016. There are outstanding yearly rents payable on the Right of Way Permits for the year 2016-2018” Barrister Jamil said


however, he stated that one of the telecom service providers had come to negotiate the payment while the other chose go hire hooligans to gradually reconnect their services at night, an action which he described as unlawful.





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