When will Buhari and APC stop lying? — Omokri

Self acclaimed Official ‘ruffler’ of President Muhammadu Buhari’s feathers, Reno Omokri has reacted to a recent report, in which the United States Institute of Peace(USIP) denied predicting victory for President Muhammadu Buhari in the 2019 general election in Nigeria.

In a statement on its website on Tuesday captioned: ‘Correcting a Media Error: USIP Makes No Prediction on Nigerian Election’, USIP stated that it didn’t not report that Buahri will win 2019 election, adding also that it’s a non-partisan institution, whose interest is that elections are violence free.

“A few Nigerian newspapers reported erroneously this week that the U.S. Institute of Peace has made a prediction about the possible outcome of Nigeria’s 2019 presidential election.

“USIP never makes predictions about election outcomes and has not done so in this case. The Institute’s work on elections is confined to helping nations avoid electoral violence.

In his reaction, Omokri wrote:

So, the United States Institute for Peace, DID NOT predict a Muhammadu Buhari victory. It was just another All progressives Congress(APC) propaganda, just like their now busted lie that they have reduced rice imports by 90%.

When will Buhari and APC stop lying?

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  • Reno is sick in his head he should be able to tell the whole world how buhari and apc are lying , I so believe that he Reno was in Jonathan cabinet he should also be able to tell us how 20 billion dollars was missing during Jonathan era

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