Yomi Shogunle declares Yoruba woman wanted for stealing at a party

Assistant Commissioner of Police in Lagos, Abayomi Shogunle has declared a Yoruba Woman wanted after she appeared in a viral video stealing at a party.

Just some few days back, the video of the woman surfaced on the internet and she could be seen pilfering some party items and stuffing them into her bag while at a party.

Although, the video appeared staged as some social media users suggest, the Senior Police officer in Lagos has declared the woman wanted.

WANTED PERSON Please help me find this Yoruba woman. If your tip leads to her apprehension, I have a cash reward for you.


The officer was however castigated by some of his followers over the use of the word Yoruba Woman as well as the way he personalized the arrest.

Some of his followers questioned his integrity and on what grounds is he making the arrest. As a Police officer or as a Private Investigator?

Yomi Shogunle, though have given insights into some issues regarding policing in Nigeria in time past, but he is considered not fit by majority of his followers who feel his posts on social media are rather unprofessional and controversial and do not portray him as professional Police Officer.

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