Beautiful Actress, Belinda Effah Releases Stunning Photos To Celebrate Birthday Today

Belinda Effah, one of the very talented Nollywood actresses, turned 29 years old today. The Nollywood star was born on December 14, 1989. She  shared stunning  photos and wrote:

“For the woman, I have become I am grateful to God. Now I am a year older and a year wiser. I am very happy to be alive, I am very grateful for life. I do not take it for granted.

“I am grateful for family. I am grateful for true friends. I am grateful for work friends, business, career, friendship, companionship, understanding, beliefs, growth, movement, pursuit of life’s happiness, goals, target, accomplishments, and failure that taught me to be stronger and believe more in God and my God-given ability.

“I am grateful to everyone who cares about me and has in one way or the other shown me love. I am grateful to all my followers (social media friends). This New Year of my life is going to be delicious. Brace up, it’s going to be a jolly ride. We are going to have loads of fun #Lord thank you for another year. Happy birthday to me.”


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