Did Atiku rent his campaign crowd from neighbouring country, Niger???


Presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP), Atiku Abubakar, kicked off his campaign in Sokoto state on Monday, with a huge crowd.

Atiku, who hopes to get Nigeria working again, should he win, the 2019 presidential election, took to Twitter to gush about a successful campaign in the Northwestern state.

However, there have been noise about the authenticity of the crowd on social media, as some Nigerians are saying the crowd was a rented on.

Also, boosting the rumour, is Kaduna state senator, Shehu Sani, who made a tweet on Tuesday, that suggests that the crowd  were rented from the neighbouring country, Niger.

He wrote;

They rent theirs from Niger because of proximity ;You can rent yours from Sudan because of affinity.

See tweet

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