I May Lose My Balance If I Reduce My Hair –TY Bello

Popular singer and photographer, TY Bello, would eternally be grateful to God. After nine years of marriage, she was later blessed with a set of twins. Although some years have passed, the singer told Saturday Beats in a recent chat that she was still not used to being addressed as ‘Iya Ibeji,’ a name given to mothers of twins in Yorubaland.

She said, “The secret of my good looks is the fact that I just keep living life and enjoying it. I also enjoy the work that I do.”

The singer, who recently trended on the Nigerian digital space courtesy of her collaboration with gospel singer, Tope Alabi, on the song, Logan Ti Ode, told Saturday Beats that she was shocked by the feedback she got from the spontaneous worship song.

She further revealed how the song was composed. “The collaboration between Tope Alabi and me was purely inspired by God and our session was beautiful. We hardly had conversations in between and the song just came out like a waterfall; it was so effortless. I was pleasantly surprised by the feedback.

“I knew people would love it but I did not know that they would love it like that. People took the song very personal and it meant a lot to people because it sounded like their story. When I heard the song for the first time, I cried. I guess everybody had the same response. I cried because I could relate with the story.

“I have been doing spontaneous worship for almost three years and it is a new way I have found to make music where I am basically singing a new song unto the Lord. I take it literally. I come together with other musicians and we sing songs that we do not know. I think I have found my new way of releasing music because I have always wanted to do it my way. For me, spontaneous worship is more sincere and effortless in the sense that I am not forcing things. I think I have found my space. I would have a lot of albums coming out from the session. Right now, I have about 12 albums that could come out of the past sessions,” the photographer said.

During the chat, she hinted that there was a possibility of a reunion with a former member of Kush, the all-female group she belonged to that took the country by storm in the early 2000s.

She said, “I was thinking about the other members of Kush some weeks back and this might just be the perfect platform for us to get back together because in reality, most of what we did were spontaneous songs. We just sang songs that we did not know and they became real songs. Everyone is busy at the moment but whenever we have to connect, it is always beautiful.”

Jokingly, she told Saturday Beats what would happen if she reduced her full hair which had since become her trademark. “If my hair was lower, I would probably lose my balance. I am used to carrying a big and full hair and it is actually fun,” she said.