Kiki Osinbajo accuses entrepreneur of stealing her ideas, gives advice to many

Daughter to Yemi Osinbajo, Kiki, has taken to instagram to point an accusing finger at an entrepreneur for stealing her ideas.

Although the lady did not disclose who this person was, she particularly pointed the torch to what the person did. Even more, she advised other business people like her.

From what the beautiful, young lady wrote, it was evident that this particular person had come in pretense of partnering with her on a project.

In the process, it appeared the individual stole her ‘next move’. Following this sad experience, Kiki took to her Instagram page to vent out her thoughts with regards to this matterm

She said: “Why steal people’s plans/ideas You know yourself Let me not go down this road!”

Even more, the beauty and fashion expert advised other entrepreneurs like her to beware of those who come to them pretending to want to collaborate.

According to the lady, some of these so called collaborators are only out to steal from other business-minded folks.

See her post below:

Kiki, in talking about her ‘idea stealer’, warned such person not to try to aggravate the situation by being defensive or doing any such thing that will cause the matter to be full blown.


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