Lady Shares Shocking Story Of A Man Who Visited Her Mum Weeks After His Death

A really incredible tale has been told on social media and it has left many users shocked to their bone marrows.

The story was told by one Ijeoma Ogud who claimed that a man from the east of Nigeria came to visit her mother in Lagos some three weeks after his death.

According to Ijeoma, the man came to her mother’s eatery and even ate some food while arguing about football with another man. He remained there for a while before going out to pay a visit to some other friends nearby.

However, the news of his death soon filtered in and it was found out that he had already died as many as three weeks before he came to Lagos. The story of his death was even confirmed by the man’s wife after a phone call was put through to her.

According to Ijeoma, nobody has been able to explain the development and her mother is still in shock.

Below is how Ijeoma told her story



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