People only say there’s insecurity in Rivers state to de-market it – Wike

Rivers state governor, Nyesom Wike, has said that there’s no insecurity in the state, as widely publicised.

The governor made this known via a statement signed by Simon Nwakudu, his aide on electronic media. The governor said that people, only de-market the state for political gains.

There is no insecurity here in Rivers State. People only de-market the state for political reasons. He added that, no one claims there’s insecurity, when it comes to drilling its crude oil for the good of the country but do so, only for political gains.

Wike also revealed that his government was developing the tourism potentials of the state, to boost it’s economy.

Here’s the statement

There is no insecurity when it comes to drilling oil for the economic wellbeing of the entire country. But they claim insecurity when it comes to political gains.

Security issues in Nigeria have been politicised by the APC Federal Government.

Rivers State is one of the most secure locations in the country which has been transformed into the nation’s destination of choice for conferences and events.

Rivers State is an investment destination because we have created the right environment through the provision of critical infrastructure.

My administration is developing the tourism potentials of the state to boost her economy.

The hosting of NAFEST was targeted at showcasing the cultural potentials. The State will build a museum to promote the culture of the people.

On Seki, my administration will partner with the producers to further promote the Rivers culture.

I was impressed with the concept of Seki. It makes us remember our culture, our dances and our heritage.


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