Romantic Pre-wedding photos of a couple from the Southern part of Nigeria making rounds on social media

Weddings are amazing and just watching two individuals celebrate the love they share is one way to make any heart smile.

Here are beautiful and romantic photos of a couple from the Southern part of Nigeria making the rounds on social media.

Just like a match made in heaven, Nigerian couple Uyu-Augusta Edem Umo and her man, Godwin Akpan Emmanuel Jacob are set to tie the knot on December 29. In preparation, the sweethearts, released stunning pre-wedding photos.

The couple are not hiding the affection and deep love they feel for each other as they have released interesting pre-wedding photos to wet the appetite of people hoping to have a swell time at the event. The photoshoot explored a showcase of English outfits at unique surroundings.

From the look of things, the lovers have been best friends for a while and have courted each other for such a long time that starting a family now shows how much their relationship has grown and blossomed since they first started.

The special photos have people believing in love and wishing them all the best as they walk down the aisle on December 29 at Sacred Cathedral 69 Egerton Street, Calabar.
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