Show your much touted integrity by allowing an open investigation of your associates and close relatives – PDP to Buhari

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP has challenged President Muhammadu Buhari to allow an open investigation of his associates and close relatives, who were named in recent corruption cases.

This was in reaction to confessions by one Amina Mohammed, aka Justina Onuoha, that was recently paraded by the DSS, over allegations of fraud. The suspect had breached Aso Rock security, by impersonating the first Lady of Kogi state, and had also defrauded her victims, using the name of the wife of the president, Aisha Buhari.

In her confession, the suspect had named close allies of president Muhammadu Buhari, as her accomplices.

PDP said in its statement on Tuesday that Buhari must showcase the integrity, he claims to have by allowing a public inquest, into this case and more, indicting people very close to him.

Full Statement here

Treasury Looting: We challenge President Muhammadu Buhari to showcase his much touted integrity by allowing an open investigation of his associates and close relatives, who were mentioned in serial looting of our public resources.

In a bid to further conceal the sleazes of Buhari, the Presidency handlers have gagged the confession of one Amina Mohammed, paraded by the DSS, who revealed that persons close to Buhari were involved in serial fraud and looting of public resources under official cover.

Having reviewed all these issues, including the lame denials by those mentioned by the suspect, as well as the failure of the DSS to allow the suspect to complete her confession, we challenge Buhari to order an open hearing into the matter, if, indeed, he has nothing to hide.

We also challenge Buhari to immediately make public the report of the investigation of the former aide to Aisha Buhari, Mr. Baba-Inna, who was arrested in Sept. this year, over accusations of receiving N2.5B as donations from politicians on behalf of the First Lady

Furthermore, Buhari should allow an open inquest into the alleged diversion of defence funds, including part of the $1 billion drawn from the ECA for purchase of military hardware and welfare of our soldiers, to fund his ill-fated re-election campaign.

We challenge Buhari to make public the report of the looting of over N33 billion meant for the purchase of food for IDPs as well as another N18 billion IDP fund, discovered by the Senate, to have been diverted to APC interests.


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