South African comedian ridicules Buhari over ‘cloning’ issue

Although President Muhammadu Buhari had on Sunday in Kraków, Poland, refuted claims that he had died, and been cloned, it appears many people still believe the ‘Jubril’ story.

While answering questions, on the controversial topic, Buhari said “A lot of people hoped that I died during my ill health. It is real me.”

However, two days after Buhari set the record about his identity straight, the Nigerian President was made a subject of a ridicule during an episode of the Jimmy Kimmel Live show.

Again, on The Daily Show aired on Comedy Central, which is anchored by Trevor Noah, the subject of Buhari being cloned was raised again.

In the December 4, 2018 show, entitled: ‘The Seven-Year-Old Millionaire, Tumblr’s Porn Ban and Racist Christmas Trees’, Michael Kosta who spoke in Noah’s place, started the show by saying “the President of Nigeria is having an identity crisis”.

This was after a clip, showing the Nigerian president, responding to the question.

” We’re suppose to believe he’s not a clone but I don’t know, because if you know, the CIA did have the technology, they are gonna test it on an African first. You don’t just try that out on rich, white people. The CIA Chief is gonna be like ‘This might not work the first time, so find me someone who doesn’t matter. The President of Nigeria? Yes, that’s perfect’.”


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