‘Tattoos make people of my skin tone look dirty’ – Actress Amanda Ebeye reveals

Nigerian actress and a part-time model Amanda Mike-Ebeye known for her roles in Clinic Matters and Super Story hates tattoos and believes it is rather unsightly on a girl of her colour.

She said:

“I don’t like them. I am a dark skinned girl and so far I have only admired tattoos on lighter skinned people. I feel tattoos make people of my skin tone look dirty, so, I have never fancied it on myself”.

The actress shocked everyone a couple of years ago when the news filtered out that she had given birth to a son in faraway Canada out of wedlock.

The shock got bigger still when Amanda revealed some unsavoury details about the father of her son.

“I did not marry the father of my child because he is not my husband and he is not meant to be. I could have been in the most useless relationship right now if I wanted but I told myself instead of giving my son this shameless pretender and liar of a man as a father, I would take care of him and he will be fine,” she had said.

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