The Importance of VPN for Human Rights Activists

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When it comes to digital security for human rights activists, most conversations revolve around data protection and privacy. This is important, but what’s best is a Virtual Private Network when you are at risk of torture and enforced disappearance by your oppressors. At this point, even the most seasoned human rights activists usually give up access. It is therefore mandatory that you have a reliable internet security system for protection.

For many human rights activists working in danger zones, such threats are inescapable, and protection strategies need to be more practical. End to end encryption is the key to digital security. A VPN is what you need!

How VPNs Work

It is crucial that human rights activists understand some VPN basics. Virtual Private Network is a secure connection between your computer and your server. Usually, when you make contact with the internet, a connection is first made to your Internet Service Provider, which then connects you to the websites you need to visit. When using a VPN, the connection is to a VPN server, which directs you to traffic instead.

It serves as an anonymous medium that does your browsing for you; with this, providers don’t stand a chance of tracking the sites you visit. This means, your Internet Service Provider is blind to all your internet activities. No one will also be able to know your location as you’ll be accessing the internet from the IP address of your VPN server and not theirs. This is a breakthrough for human rights activists who need to conceal their identity and liven up their movements.

Why VPN for Human Rights Activists?

Online Anonymity

Way before the internet, anonymity had been used by activists to express themselves freely and protect their privacy in certain social and political contexts. In countries like Syria, anonymity is used to protect activists working from within from being arrested and imprisoned. But does this anonymity itself protect activists, especially those operating from danger zones?

The government uses the internet to track activists. Anonymity can narrow the range of cyber attackers. One’s identity is concealed from other users and even those who violently agree with your opinion; you will be immune to their harm. VPN encrypts data from your site and even better your actual IP address cannot be traced. You don’t wish for hackers to get access to your information. This will blow your cover.

Go Beyond Geo-Restricted Content

Websites use geolocation software that finds the location of web users by identifying their IP address which details ranging from the country you’re in, your internet service providers and even your computer’s code number. It is a popular strategy for multinational tech giants often restrict access to content based on your location; this helps set variant prices and licensing for their products. This can be frustrating as companies can take advantage and charge hefty markups on their products. It is legal to use VPNs to circumvent this, and you should!

You can use a VPN to access some of the restricted shows featuring online movements and credible news channel while at the same time securing your internet connection. Using a VPN server that’s in the same country as the website you’re trying to access should give you full access to their restricted services. If documentaries and international news are more your thing, you will be able to access some of the global news networks blocked in your country.

Censorship Issues

Government oppression and restrictions never seem to stop; you might be a victim. Internet freedom is a golden opportunity that often some people don’t get the privilege due to government bans. To fight for the rights and freedoms of the minority requires knowledge and up-to-date information on what’s going on in other countries – you need the internet for this. Knowledge on some of the recent human rights movements across the world is good for your cause.

Virtual Private Networks are here to ensure that you get undeniable access to internet content. Despite the government’s move to suppress your cause, you will be able to access all the information you might require leave alone your activities being concealed.


At times, you want your privacy. Some human rights activists are often public figures, and there’s a lot that comes with fame and publicity; everyone wants to know what’s going on in your life. Ranging from social media to work and even what goes on in your home – this makes you a high candidate for hacking.

Even in the comfort of your own home, doing your regular internet activities, your ISPs still need to keep track of your activities. Using a VPN will prevent you from leaving digital footprints on the web for your Internet Service Providers and hackers to scoop up. However, when choosing the right VPN for this, take your time and do research by looking at various VPN provider reviews.


Different users have different reasons for utilizing this service, ranging from privacy issues to a desire for anonymity. The high security provided by the closed and encrypted nature of the VPN service is second to none. While most people have never thought of using a VPN, they’ve been utilized by influential activists to fight for human rights. Are you an upcoming human rights activist? Try VPN today and be sure to thank us later.


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