Touching Story of a Young burn victim who lost his sight and arm in fire accident but defiled the odds to survive (photos)

A little boy who people feared would not make it after he and his father were involved in a fire accident, has beaten the odds to survive.

Fanen Terhemen, 4, suffered third-degree burns and was forced to leave the hospital with his father when they could no longer afford the bills. Though in unimaginable pains, they were about to return to their village to face their fate.

But, humanitarian Ukan Kurugh stepped in last year September and shared his story with the world.

This caused Kindhearted Nigerians to send in donations and the boy was able to undergo surgery. So far, he has undergone about 6 surgeries on his hand and face and this was made possible with the 2 million Naira donations sent in by Nigerians.

He will have another surgery in February 2019 for the reconstruction of his nose.

Kurugh shared a recent photo of the burn survivor to show how much progress he’s made and it’s really impressive.

See more photos below ;