Toyin Lawani bash mothers who complain about their children’s looks

Toyin Lawani, has taken to her IG to call out all mothers who are always complaining about their children’s physical attributes.

She wrote;

”If you don’t like the truth you will not like me, cause I always say things how they are , so you don’t like your kids legs ? You don’t like their eyes ? They are always sick and you are blaming it all on your man ??Well didnt it occur to you that your husbands head was big and his eyes are big before you married him?

I’m sure you saw all these qualities when you started dating him , didn’t you know your kids will inherit them ?‍?? most young parents nowadays are very nonchalant about a lot of things , you want to marry a man , did you Check his blood work ? So you can save your kids the several trips to the hospital and not cut their journey on earth short ? Pls we all need to stop being ignorant about some certain things so we won’t regret it in future , nuff said , I don’t appreciate kids who don’t appreciate their kids , you are a mother for God sake , Choose your path wisely.”

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