Troll lashes out on Seyi Edun after she called her out on IG

Seyi Edun has just taken to her IG to give a troll some moments of fame as she slams her for attacking her on the platform, but things went side ways.

The troll has now slammed her saying she is dating an Indomie ambassador and further described her as a husband snatcher.

The Instagram user @adambasey wrote;

Only you cheap whore

Only you with tangle weavon

Only you carry big handbag to red carpet

Only you husband snatcher

Only you dey spend on a man who still beat you constantly blue and black

Only you still fake it for the gram people so they will not mock you

Only you dey date indomie ambassador

I think you are facing a lot of depression already, I don’t want to add salt to injury of someone who is depressed and suffering and smiling till date.

Read exchange below;

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