We now anoint underwear out of fear of Yahoo Boys – Warri girls

Following the trending reports that Yahoo Boys are now hunting for ladies’ underwear, Warri girls, according to a report by Sunday Vanguard, are now taking the caution to anoint their underwear before putting it on.

It was gathered that underwear, particularly of girls between the ages of 16 to 32, are hot cakes for use by ritualists. One underwear, according to reports, sells for as high as two hundred and fifty thousand naira.

Esther, a resident in the area, said. The underwear are allegedly used for money ritual. “After they finish with the undies, their owners will lose their wombs which is the real ritual”, Esther added.

Alero, who lives with her parents, said she has three adult sisters. The anointing oil and holy water, according to her, had the capacity to neutralize any evil plan of Yahoo Boys on their underwear.

For Tamera, a charming lady in her late 20ts on Jakpa Road, she and her mother no longer hang their underwear on the rope outside the flat in the compound where they live. “Because of Yahoo Boys, we no longer hang our underwear on ropes outside the flat in our compound”, she said .

“We live with five other tenants in our compound . There are boys in the compound too. Since we heard the news, we have been hanging our underwear in the bathroom; whether they get dry or not is no longer the issue. We sometimes use hot iron on them to get properly dry”.

When asked if they also handled their braziers in like manner, her response was spontaneous, “Yes o. No difference between underwear and braziers. We hide them very well now. Ladies underwear na mega bucks for Warri”.

I sit outside until my underwear dry on the rope – Lola

A female banker with one of the first generation banks, who simply identified herself as Lola, lives in a one-bedroom flat around Estate area of Warri.

She said she washes mostly on Saturdays and sit by the rope until her underwear get dried. “I just bring out a chair, sit outside until my underwear dry and I take them in. No room for gambling. The story is everywhere that people have been recruited to go for ladies’ underwear for attractive prices. Dem no go see my own “, she said.

Lola, in her early thirties, said since the news hit Warri that Yahoo Boys were after ladies underwear, she has been very careful with personal effects.

Despite the seeming extra care on the part of many girls not to fall victim of Yahoo ritualists, some of the Yahoo Boys, Street Boys, Everywhere Stew Guys, as they are called in Warri, oftentimes boast, according to residents, “Baba God will always provide data for subscription”. Data here means whatever they need for ritual while subscription means renewal of ritual to sustain cash flow.