APC Campaigns With Branded Garri In Lagos State (Photos)

Members of the All Progressives Congress, APC, were seen sharing garri in Lagos for the upcoming 2019 election.

The garri was tagged “Appreciation2019” and “A Renewed Call To Service”.

The supporters of the party have described the ‘good gesture’ as part of the ‘dividends’ of democracy.

This is coming at a time when about 90.88 million Nigerians are living in extreme poverty according to the World Poverty Clock.

With the election far approaching, food materials like rice, bread and monies are expected to be cheefully shared among the electorate by political parties in Nigeria.

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  • What a shame! It is sad that Nigerian politicians are get to outgrow this despicable ‘stomach infrastructure’ type of politics.Politicians know the weak points of the masses; poverty and hunger, hence they know how to entice them with peanuts and branded garri during election period all with the intent to induce them. This to me, is vote buying…After this, they will have to wait till another 4 years before they come back.

    #Say No to vote selling!
    #Say No to vote buying!
    #Say No to stomach infrastructure politics.
    #If you sell your vote, you sell your future.

    #Beware electorates.

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