Critics slam Falz over his opinion about ‘transactional sex’, fans come to his rescue

Falz real name Folarin Falana has hit some nerves with his new hit song ‘Talk’. The song which was released this January has generated a lot of controversies, conversations and criticisms.

‘Talk’ addresses the menace in the country as of today. From corrupt politicians to vote buying and selling to rich Imams and pastors and other peculiar Nigerian problems.

However the one generating the hottest deal at the moment is ‘transactional sex’ ,which he condemned. Falz in this new song criticised women who give their body to men for a fine, the ‘runz’ girls.

Many critics have come at Falz with stones and sticks, bashing the musician for criticising what a woman chooses to do with her body. Well, there are people who came to the Singer’s defence.

Take a look at what we found on the streets of Twitter


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