Linda Osifo comes under severe scrutiny after showing off her multi-million naira house

Nollywood Actress, Linda Osifo has come under severe criticism after showing off a multi-million naira house she built recently alongside her brand new car.

The actress who came to Lagos in 2013, revealed that she is now a ‘Landlord’ in a post she made on her Instagram page and then went on to chronicle her journey so far.

Sharing the photo of her new home, she wrote:

“Na small small…

“I squatted at first in someone’s house (A great helper till now) -2013

“Rented a shared apartment with a complete stranger -2014

“Rented my own 3 room apartment in lekki- 2015

“Glory to God….like play sha na we them dey call Landlord for this Lagos! -2018

“If I never took that bold step & got on that plane….there wouldn’t be ‘LAO’ today.

“Don’t let them tell you it’s not possible because of your gender, age, skin color, background, education or whatever! Let them know your dreams are POSSIBLE because you have a LIVING GOD.

“Never give the glory to man, but to God only! #TBTgratitude #Testimony”

Her fans who are aggrieved called her a prostitute alleging that she slept her way around to build such a house and buy such a car.

Many questioned the actress on the ground that she doesn’t have the kind of job that can give one the kind of money she used to build such a house.

They accused her of deceiving younger ones on social media by showing off weath acquired illicitly while giving the impression that she worked hard for it.

Others accused her of living a fake life.

See the reactions below:

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