More photos of 21-year-old guy with the 23 women he has slept with emerges online

Weeks back, we brought the news about a 21-year-old guy who is said to have set the record of being the most polygamous guy in his country after he took to social media to share photos of the women he has slept with.

The gentleman who revealed that he has a body count of over 147 from when he was just 14 stated that he can sleep with these ladies because he loves them and they love him back.

”I also enjoy student nurses from APEX” he says “I am a student at UNZA, and just here, i have slept with 46. I am currently screwing 23”,

“I have so far slept with 147 girls since I was 14”, he reportedly said happily.

Sakala says his target is to reach 500 before he finally marries at 30.

“I love girls…and they love me too. My target is 500 before I reach 30”, he said.

Below are photos of Moses with his supposed 23 lovers;

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