New photo of former President Yar Adua’s daughter, Nafisa Yuguda and her 4 kids goes viral

Former president of Nigeria Yar Umaru Adua may be dead, but still, he holds a sacred place in the hearts of many Nigerians.

Recently, a new photo on social media has stirred up the memory of the past Nigerian leader.

This picture is a portrait of his daughter and her children. His daughter named Nafisa Yuguda is one of the well known three daughters of the former president.

Nafisa is known to be currently married to the ex-governor of Bauchi state Isa Yuguda just as her other two female siblings, Maryam and Zainab, got married to ex-governors.

Although she had been out of public view for a while, a new photo of her recently came into light. In the beautiful picture, Nafisa was not alone. She was also with her kids.

These kids were four in number, three boys and one girl. Despite having four kids Nafisa still looked lovely and even beautiful in the picture she took.

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